A celebration of Service, Honesty, Innovation, Nation Building and Education! PICPA & JPIA Accountancy Week 2017

The sky was covered with dense clouds, but it did not stop the culminating activity of PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and JPIA’s (Junior Philippine Institute Accountants) celebration of accountancy week held at Veranza Mall, General Santos City last July 21, 2017.

It was participated by the eight (8) competitive schools bragging the title of being the best accountancy student producers both in academic and non-academic competition.

They started the culmination activity with accounting quiz showdown and later in the afternoon were the socio-cultural events: artistic duo singing competition and dance competition.

NDDU accountancy students placed as second in both singing and dancing competition. This just shows that NDDU accountancy students excel both in academe and non-academe activities.



They started the accountancy week celebration with the Accountancy congress event happened last July 14, 2017. The participants were the BS Accountancy students of different schools. Updates on accountancy and the new curriculum were the focus of the congress. These updates were explained by the vice chairman of the Board of Accountancy, Hon. Gloria Baysa, CPA.

With the celebration’s theme, SHINE: Service, Honesty, Innovation and Nation Building through Education, the participating schools presented their artistic entry for the poster exhibit competition last July 17, 2017. In this competition, NDDU was ranked as second place.

The JPIA of NDDU also organized an event, in partnership with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants), in celebration of the accountancy week, held at NDDU Audio Visual Room 1 last July 18, 2017. The event was a seminar on Inventory Management for MSMEs.

This year’s accountancy week celebration was a celebration of service, honesty, innovation, nation building and education. SHINE PICPA! SHINE JPIA!