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Asian Studies
The Economies of China and India: Cooperation and Conflict
(In 3 Volumes)

As your university library is a valued customer of World Scientific Publishing, we are happy to announce that selected chapters fromThe Economies of China and India: Cooperation and Conflict (In 3 Volumes)will befree to readfor the months of August and September.

This 3 volume set covers both China's and India's strategies and objectives in international governance, their bilateral and multilateral trade agreement negotiations, financial liberalization, growth prospects, rural development and agriculture, income distribution, labor market mechanism, manufacturing and competitiveness upgrading, as well as environmental and other social issues. This reference set is an essential source of reference for China-India comparisons and studies.

Free online access to the chapters will end on 30 September 2017.


Volume 1: China and India: The International Context and Economic Growth, Manufacturing Performance and Rural Development
Chapter 5: Dual or Duelling? The China-India Economic Relations After the 2008 Financial Crisis


International Governance:

  • The New Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A New Aid Architecture (Manmohan Agarwal)
  • Emerging Experience with Design and Implementation of Policy Instruments for Renewal Energy Technologies Development and Deployment across Countries (Meeta Keswani Mehra and Rita Pandey)
  • China's Trade Performance and Deepening International Engagement: Evaluating Post-Crisis Options to Maintain Growth (John Whalley and Xiaopeng Yin)
  • The WTO Government Procurement Agreement and Its Impacts on Trade (Hejing Chen and John Whalley)
International Trade and Negotiations:
  • Dual or Duelling? The China-India Economic Relations After the 2008 Financial Crisis (Daqing Yao and John Whalley)
  • The Trade Performance of Asian Economies During and Following the 2008 Financial Crisis (Jing Wang and John Whalley)
  • China's Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements (Chunding Li, Jing Wang and John Whalley)
  • The Effect of Regional Trade Agreements on India's Trade (Manmohan Agarwal and Sunandan Ghosh)
Rural Development:
  • The Agricultural Tax Abolishment Program and On-farm Labour Time in Rural China (Haiyuan Wan)
  • Rural Land Transfer and Registration in China: Perspectives from Stakeholders (Jun Li and Pei Guo)
  • Public Works Programme in India: An Evaluation of the Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in West Bengal (Upasak Das and Indrajeet Kumar)

Sector Issues Manufacturing, Technology:

  • Growth of the Manufacturing Sector Future Constraints (Manmohan Agarwal and Aritri Chakravarty)
  • BRICS and MDGs (Manmohan Agarwal)
  • Measuring Changes in the Bilateral Technology Gaps between China, India and the US 1979–2008 (Keting Shen, Jing Wang and John Whalley)
  • Heterogeneous Firms in a Product Fragmentation World (Yue Gao and John Whalley)

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Volume 2: Competitiveness, External Cooperation Strategy and Income Distribution: Changes in China
Chapter 1: Are Chinese Markets for Manufactured Products More Competitive than in the US? — A Comparison of China-US Industrial Concentration Ratios


  • Are Chinese Markets for Manufactured Products More Competitive in the US?: A Comparison of China–US Industrial Concentration Ratios (Jun Wang and John Whalley)
  • Capital-Labor-Energy Substitution in Nested CES Production Functions for China (Keting Shen and John Whalley)
  • China–UK–US Differences in Industrial Products Concentration (Jun Wang and John Whalley)
  • Quality Upgrading in the Chinese Manufacturing Sector (Weili Liu)

External Cooperation Strategy:

  • The Impact of BITs and DITs on FDI Inflow and Outflow: Evidence from China (Hejing Chen, Chunding Li and John Whalley)
  • China and Global Mega Trade Deals (Chunding Li, Jing Wang and John Whalley)
  • The State-Owned Enterprises Issue in China's Prospective Trade Negotiations (Hejing Chen and John Whalley)
  • Measuring the Bilateral Trade Cost Elasticity between the BRICS: Translog Gravity (Dan Zhou)

Labor Market and Income Distribution:

  • Ownership Structure, Real Exchange Rate Movements and Labour Market Adjustment in China (Risheng Mao and John Whalley)
  • Labor Migration and Market Segmentation in China (Jin Song)
  • The Causal Effect of Father's Schooling on Children's Schooling: An Estimation Based on Cultural Revolution Instrument (Juan Yang and Tingting He)

Other Issues:

  • Conditions of Maternal Healthcare Services and Exploration on Improving It in Poor Ethnic-minority Areas of China (Min Du, Hongyan Liu, Hui Wan, Shuangyan Gong, Dongmei Liu and Yi Shi)
  • Empirical Analysis on Competition Among Railway, Highway and Civil Aviation in the Passenger Market in China — From the Perspective of Railway Industry Regulatory Reform (Qing Guo and Yongchao Li)
  • Water Availability as a Constraint on China's Future Growth (Dana Medianu and John Whalley)

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Volume 3: Economic Growth, Employment and Inclusivity: The International Environment
Chapter 11: Migration Policies, Employment Choices and the Vulnerability of South Indian Domestic Workers in the Middle East


International Situation:
  • International Monetary System: Response of Developing Countries to Its Shortcomings (Manmohan Agarwal)
  • Data Exclusivity in Trade Agreements: An Indian Perspective (Amit S Ray and Ritesh Jain)
  • India and the MDGs in the Context of Developing Countries Particularly in South Asia (Manmohan Agarwal)
  • Remittances and Development (Manmohan Agarwal)

Development of the Indian Economy:

  • Reflections on India's Emergence in the World Economy (Amit S Ray and Sunandan Ghosh)
  • Structural Change in the Indian Economy (Manmohan Agarwal and Sunandan Ghosh)
  • Inclusiveness of Information Access in Agriculture: Evidence from India (Aritri Chakravarty and Upasak Das)
  • Choice and Design of Policy Instruments Towards Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies: Conceptual Framework and Guiding Principles (Rita Pandey and Meeta Keswani Mehra)


  • Wages and Earnings of Marginalized Social and Religious Groups in India: Data Sources, Scope, Limitations and Suggestions (Vinoj Abraham)
  • Is Disinvestment Detrimental to Employment? Firm Level Evidence from Indian Central Public Sector Enterprises (Ritika Jain)
  • Migration Policies, Employment Choices and the Vulnerability of South Indian Domestic Workers in the Middle East (Praveena Kodoth)

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