1. OBSERVE SILENCE. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise disturb the readers and MUST therefore be avoided. Talking out of necessity must be done in subdued tone.
  2. EATING, SMOKING and SLEEPING are not allowed in the library.
  3. Keep the library CLEAN. Do not litter tables or floor with wastes.
  4. Push the chair back against the table after using so it won’t obstruct the movements of others. Refrain from transferring chairs from one table to another.
  5. Return library materials to their proper places after use.
  6. Handle books and other materials with care; they are intended to serve many users after you.
  7. Refrain from engaging library student assistants in unnecessary conversation while on duty.
  8. Rules on University ID Holders
    1. The university ID must be scanned when entering the library and must be presented when borrowing library materials. The ID is not transferable. For any material drawn upon it, the owner is held liable.
    2. The ID shall be confiscated upon any violation of library policies, rules and regulations and shall be claimed from the office of the Director of Libraries.
    3. In case of loss, owner shall secure a new university student ID.

    1. ALL LIBRARY PATRONS are required to scan their university ID at the entrance as they enter the library. Textbooks, personal books, and magazines, attaché cases, big bags and envelopes/folders must be left at the deposit counter. Upon exit, the client must claim belongings at the Deposit Counter. Unclaimed belongings at the end of the day are submitted to the librarian, and owners are fined P10.00 per day.

    Reminder: Patrons are advised to bring with them their valuables such as money, cell phones, jewelry, etc. with them. The library will not assume responsibility for their loss.

  1. When leaving the library, everyone must present his/her things to the checker for inspection.
  • General collection, fiction, biography, and Filipiniana may be borrowed for five (5) days, and may be renewed for another 5 days unless wanted by another patron.
  • Reserve books:
    1. Are issued for one hour at a time, for use within the room only. Extension for an additional hour is granted unless there is prior demand by another patron.
    2. May be borrowed for home study OVERNIGHT starting from 6:30 P.M. to be returned on or before 8:30 A.M. the following day. A reserve overnight book shall be borrowed from the circulation desk.
  • The following types of materials are read only in the library, they are not circulated for home use:
    1. General References (GR)

      Ex. Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Dictionaries, Atlases, etc.

    2. Filipiniana (non-circulating)
    3. Periodicals
    4. Vertical file materials
    5. Theses and dissertations
    6. Special Collections (such as NSO Publications and Rama’s Collections)
    7. Other materials designated for in-house use only.
  • A student may borrow a maximum of five (5) books with different titles at a time.
  1. Borrowed materials must be returned on the due date.
  2. For OVERDUE BOOKS the following fines are imposed:
    1. Stack/General Collection/Fiction and Biography books – P5.00 a day including Sundays and Holidays.
    2. Reserve books – P5.00 the first hour or a fraction of the first hour plus P1.00 per hour for the second and succeeding hours.
    3. Fines must be paid at the Bursar's Office and official receipt must be presented to the circulation in-charge. Patrons are advised to keep their receipts until the semester is over.
  3. The following penalties are imposed on delinquent borrowers of reserve books:
    1. First offense – Fine and suspension of borrowing privileges for one week.
    2. Second offense – Fine and suspension of borrowing privileges for one month.
    3. Third offense – Fine and suspension of borrowing privileges for the rest of the semester.
  4. Lost books:
  5. When a book is lost, the borrower should report it immediately to the librarian, otherwise, if the book becomes overdue, the borrower will have to pay the overdue fine incurred until the day the loss is reported in addition to replacement or payment for the book. Fines will be charged on books declared lost and returned at the end of the semester.

    For lost books, replacement of the exact title is preferred, otherwise, the full cost of acquiring the book, service charge and mark up fee shall be assessed.

  1. Discipline:
  2. p>Students who fail to observe policies, rules and regulations shall be referred to the Prefect of Discipline for disciplinary action.

  1. Stealing and mutilating books are serious offenses and will be dealt more strictly.