Now open to serve you. Store Opening 2017

After series of product innovation and food testing, finally we can now quench our tastes buds with the different product innovations of the Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship students as they officially open their businesses as part of their requirements for their subjects: Product Planning and Development and Enterprise Development with Business Licensing and Registration.

The grand store opening was held at the Canteen 2 of the university last July 25, 2017 and marked the actual business operation of the students.

This business exposure practicum was initiated for the students to have a first-hand experience of doing business while they are still studying.

For the Marketing Management Students, they were required to develop a product of their own and underwent series of product tests to determine the acceptability of the product to the market, while the Entrepreneurship students were required to make a business plan and implement it for two semesters. Both courses have complied necessary requirement for business operations such as DTI registration, Barangay Business Clearance, Mayor’s Permit, Health Card and Food Insurances.


The BS Marketing Management students had five stores open for business, namely: Ulalamka, Pumpkeenee, Sweeto Potato, Zingers and Ice Creamias, while the BS Entrepreneurship students opened four stores, the Mikkusu, Munchbox, Baesoul, and Squasheat.


During the store opening, student business operators were judged in the following categories:

For BS Marketing Management

  • Best Product Display – Ulalamka
  • Best Business Yell – Ulalamka
  • Best Store Preparation – Ice Creamias

For BS Entrepreneurship

  • Best Product Display – Baesoul
  • Best Store Preparation – Munchbox
  • Best Logo Design – Mikkusu
  • Best Tagline – Baesoul


Be enticed with some of this cream of the crop product innovations of our students.









Don’t wait too long, visit their stores at NDDU Canteen 2!

Congratulations Students!