📍To all First Year students and Transferees, please do register via this link:

As we prepare for the upcoming academic year 2021 – 2022, the NDDU Guidance and Testing Center is more than excited to announce that our Annual NDDU OrSem for freshies and transferees will be airing on AUGUST 16 to 17, 2021.

📌Mark your calendars for this momentous event. This year’s OrSem will be a 2-day event of fun learning activities.

On August 16 (Day 1️⃣), students shall watch the live streaming of the University’s orientation of its different programs and services.

On August 17 (Day 2️⃣), students will also have an opportunity to get to know other students (their classmates and seniors) and enjoy virtual activities prepared by various student leaders. 🤓

Welcome you to your new home 🏡.

E-see you, puhon! 😘Please start tagging your FB friends for this exciting announcement. ⭐️🌈🏫